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Student studies showcased at Scholarship Day 2017

Scholarship Day 2017
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Research boosts knowledge and success for future doctors and scientists

The Donald and Barbara Zucker School of Medicine at Hofstra/Northwell hosted its sixth annual Scholarship Day on Nov. 1, 2017, featuring the investigative work of nearly 80 Zucker School of Medicine students, the largest group of presenters at Scholarship Day festivities to date comprised of both MD and MD/PhD candidates.

“Research is a way to develop analytic and critical thinking skills,” said Joel N.H. Stern, PhD, associate professor of science education/neurology and chair of the student research advisory committee at the Zucker School of Medicine. “These abilities help students to achieve a better understanding of disease and teach them how to read and interpret scientific literature to keep up-to-date with the latest advances in healthcare.”

Scholarship Day serves as a forum for new knowledge contributed by medical students in the summer of their first year of training and beyond. Medical students who elect to pursue research studies, either individually or collaboratively, are invited to submit an abstract which is reviewed by a committee made up of School of Medicine faculty. On Scholarship Day, students present their work in poster presentations while verbalizing the basis for their investigations to event participants. These include faculty-mentors, students, staff, and donors such as the Meadowbrook Women’s Initiative (MWI), a Long Island-based community organization dedicated to promoting lifetime learning, who funded several medical student projects.

“We’ve been connected closely with the School of Medicine since the beginning and are so pleased to see the growth and success of the school and its students over the years,” said Susan Gould, president of the MWI which includes more than 500 members. “It is truly a privilege to support the future of medicine and healthcare.”

This year’s Scholarship Day covered a vast array of topics in basic science, clinical research, community health, medical education, medical humanities, and quality improvement. Medical students took advantage of opportunities to work with leading clinician-scientists in a variety of research settings and institutions, including our vital partnerships with the Feinstein Institute for Medical Research and Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory.

“Working with closely with patients each day, including seeing procedures performed first-hand, gave me a greater appreciation for what patients are going through,” said William Crockatt, a second-year student who is conducting an ongoing study on opioid requirements following ambulatory arthroscopic repair. “The ability to conduct research in a field of interest, which for me is orthopedics, has been a learning experience on so many levels.”

Whatever the chosen topic or approach, academic leadership and educators at the Zucker School of Medicine agree that medical students engaged in research allow them the ability to take an active role in their prospective field and pave the way for future endeavors.

“Research not only enhances students’ understanding of science and medicine but also aids in building professional networks and differentiating themselves especially when it comes to pursuing careers in competitive specialties,” explains Dr. Stern. “Overall, research is a meaningful experience that helps transform students into innovators and invaluable professionals in the field.”

Support for Scholarship Day at the Zucker School of Medicine was generously provided by The Marks Family, The Klar Family, The Meadowbrook Women’s Initiative, Feinstein Institute for Medical Research, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, and Zucker School of Medicine.

For more information about medical student research activities and faculty mentoring at the School of Medicine, contact Dr. Stern at or visit Zucker School of Medicine student research opportunities online.

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