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Academy of Medical Educators announce 2017 inductees

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The Academy of Medical Educators (AME) of the Donald and Barbara Zucker School of Medicine at Hofstra/Northwell has announced inductees for 2017.  AME inductees for 2017 are:

Stephen Barone, MD

William Bennett, MD

Frank Cacace, MD

Michael Cassara, DO

Karen Friedman, MD

Ronald Kanner, MD

Christine Metz, PhD

Edmund Miller, PhD

Jill Rabin, MD

Rona Woldenberg, MD

An induction dinner in honor of new AME members will take place on March 5, 2018.

Established at the Zucker School of Medicine in 2016, the AME honors outstanding faculty who have demonstrated excellence in education in at least one of these categories: direct teaching, curriculum development, education leadership, mentoring and advising, or educational scholarship. Faculty members in the AME also embrace the academic guiding principles of the School of Medicine. These include a demonstrated mastery of design, delivery, or leadership in medical education. The organization is part of a national consortium of about 120 medical schools across the country.

“In addition to recognizing excellence, another important component of our AME membership is service,” explained David Elkowitz, DO, associate dean and director of the AME at the Zucker School of Medicine. “We give back to the faculty community through mentoring of current and upcoming faculty and sponsor grants to inspire innovation in medical education.”

In fact, the AME’s Innovations Program supports faculty who take a scholarly approach to the development of new curricula or curricular elements, focused faculty development initiatives, evaluation of pedagogical methods, and learner assessment. Open to all faculty members, these intramural grants serve as a catalyst for the development of projects that address the constantly changing ways in which health professionals are educated, and health care is practiced. The awards are for one year, with the expectation that, if successful, the curricular innovation will be sustained and disseminated within and beyond the Zucker School of Medicine.

“The AME is currently awarding two $5,000 grants through the Lawrence G. Smith Fund for Innovation in Medical Education,” said Dr. Elkowitz. “We encourage interested faculty of all levels to apply for these awards and to learn about the benefits of participation in the Academy.”

For more information about the Academy of Medical Educators at the Zucker School of Medicine, including the AME’s Innovations Program and membership application, visit medicine.hofstra.edu/faculty/ame.


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