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Leadership training program launched for medical students

L-R: Dr. Jesse Chusid, Bryce Ingram, Mr. Steven Klar, Sara Abrahams, Audrey Liu, Dr. Jill Kalman, Dr. Richard Braunstein.
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Hofstra Northwell School of Medicine (now the Donald and Barbara Zucker School of Medicine) hosted a reception on Wednesday, August 16, to celebrate the newly launched Klar Leadership Development and Innovation Management (LDIM) program, an initiative designed to prepare medical students to become medical leaders.

Regardless of whether future physicians decide to work in a healthcare system or solo practice, they will need fundamental business and leadership training necessary to effect change, maximize quality of care, and reduce healthcare costs. It’s why Hofstra Northwell collaborated with Steven Klar, an attorney and successful real estate developer on Long Island, to develop a leadership mentoring program to help ready doctors in training for the challenges of a changing healthcare environment.

“The goal is for the doctor to become a force in the community,” said Mr. Klar, president of the Klar Organization. “Physicians have to treat patients and understand the many complex issues related to their care to ensure the best possible outcome.”

Officially under way in June 2017, Klar LDIM program focuses on leadership, team building, decision-making, and innovation management. These topics are introduced to medical students through a variety of methodologies. Based on the Klar Leadership Academy successfully implemented at the University of Toledo, Mr. Klar’s alma mater, the School of Medicine program offers a longitudinal mentorship where students are paired with physician leaders beginning with an eight-week summer experience that puts students to work on projects to improve quality of care and delivery. The program also features case study discussions, health care policy and advocacy opportunities, and seminars.

“What I’ve learned is that to create positive change there must be a driver,” said Bryce Ingram, vice president of the School of Medicine student council and one of three first-year students (including Sara Abrahams, Audrey Liu) selected to participate in Klar LDIM. “It is a role that requires recognition of teamwork, knowledge of how to manage relationships, and how to connect with people to improve quality.”

Mr. Ingram is currently working with Jesse Chusid, MD, assistant professor of radiology at the School of Medicine and vice chairman of quality and informatics of radiology at Northwell Health, on a lung cancer screening protocol for the entire health system with the goal of streamlining care for high-risk patients. Projects that focus on population health, efficiency and quality improvement in the hospital setting are just a few of many initiatives in the pipeline to expose students to the complexities of managing patients, staff and the business of medicine.

“Innovators and team builders are needed to make healthcare better,” said Judith Brenner, MD, associate dean for curricular integration and assessment and spearhead of the Klar LDIM program steering committee. “The Klar program will help to provide our students with the insight and tools to manage and move the mission of providing quality care forward.”

For more information about Klar LDIM program, please contact Tiffany Jordan, Assistant Director of Dual Degree Programs and Curricular Initiatives at 516-463-7417.

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